Databases, Internet Resources and Bioinformatics for Crop Improvement Workshop


Application information

Applications will be closed on the 28 July 2006. Please download the required application forms. Successful applicants will be notified soon after the closing date.

Selection criteria

Participants will be selected based on (i) a review of applications by a selection panel, (ii) recommendations of GCP partners, (iii) compatibility of the academic / training level of potential attendees with the educational level of the course, (iv) participants balance in terms of nationalities and gender.. Preference will be given to participants who apply as a complementary team representing different disciplines, for example one from the field of or focusing on plant breeding and one on molecular biology and can show that their selection as a team will result in the increased likelihood of future fruitful collaborations between them. Participants must be proficient in English, and demonstrate that their participation will lead to direct improvements in their research.

Application forms


Please follow the submission instructions given at the end of the document





4-7 September 2006


University of Pretoria

Bioinformatics Facility


South Africa

Application Deadline:

28 July 2006